Hey Friends!

So I follow a bunch of other loss mom bloggers, and we all have our own ways of expressing ourselves. I was reading this fellow bloggers post, and this excerpt really resonated with me–leaving me sitting on the couch thinking “Damn. She put it so well.”

Here is the excerpt and please go check out her blog and support her too! We are all a community, no matter how unfortunate a one ❤

“I’m not good with secrets. They’ve almost always been toxic in my life. But sometimes I just don’t want to share. If I just met you and I’m not ever planning on speaking to you again, I might tell you I have 4 daughters and leave it at that. If I’m in a big group of people and I’m feeling extra vulnerable and I don’t want to cry in front of everyone, I might do the same. Alternatively, there have been times when I’ve met a perfect stranger in the bathroom that I don’t expect to ever speak to again (and really hope not to) and their question hits me the wrong way and I’ll go dead baby with them whether they want to go there with me or not.

Sometimes I want to talk about it and sometimes I don’t. Some people I want to share my Heaven babies with and some people I don’t. Sometimes I spare people the pain I know my pain evokes and sometimes I smash them with it because I can. It’s complicated and honestly I don’t even understand it myself.”

Ladies, I can say this with all honesty–I’ve been in that bathroom and I’ve gone dead baby too. It just comes out sometimes.

Stay strong mamas!! <3<3<3

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