Pink or Blue?

Ah, the age old question, “What are you hoping for? Boy or Girl?”

Let me just say it–I JUST WANT A HEALTHY BABY!!!

But, of course deep down I have a gender preference. Nick has always wanted boys–he went as far as to tell me once that he only made boys! Sorry babe, that not how it works…

This time around I would love to have a boy. Since Nyla was a girl, I think it would be nice to have the opposite gender. But truthfully I wouldn’t be even a little sad if I had another girl–who doesn’t want a mini-me?

As loss moms, I feel like we are obligated to say–“I don’t care, I just want a healthy baby” and leave it at that. Ummmm…….no.

PSA people!! We are allowed to have a gender preference–it is SO completely normal! Come on, it’s a given that we overall just want a healthy baby.  It doesn’t make us a bad person to also want that healthy baby to be a boy or a girl.

So screw people! Tell them! “I really just want a healthy baby, but I am kinda hoping for a girl.” Or skip the specification of “healthy” (since DUH!) and just say “We are hoping it’s a boy!”

Stand up for yourselves PAL’s–no one else has gone through what we have and therefore has no right to comment or judge us!! ❤

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