So, quite obviously this is my family tree. I want to write about the characteristics that I hope will be passed on to BTB (baby to be) by the family. I have to say, this topic really made me think, and was pretty fun. I recommend doing it!

So, a quick rundown of the tree–Nick’s side can get pretty confusing! Nick’s parents are Len and Tracy (now divorced) and they had three boys together–Nick, Andrew, and Jake. Tracy remarried to Bill who had two daughters from a previous marriage–Jess and Casey, so they are Nick’s step-sisters. Nick’s dad also remarried and had two more kids–Jon and Katie,Nick’s half-siblings. I won’t even factor in all Nick’s cousins, there are too many to count and after 6 years I still can’t keep them straight! As for Nick’s grandparents, they have all passed on (before I met Nick) except Gloria.

On my side, it is pretty straightforward. My parents were only children, and my grandparents have all passed on (I only knew my grandmothers). My two younger brothers Thomas and Samuel also passed on before/at birth. My other brother John is the eldest sibling of the family.

So, now that any possible confusion has been straightened out, lets get down to what I hope is passed on! Lets start with Nick’s side.

As you can probably guess, our daughter Nyla was named after Nick’s grandmother on his dad’s side. I never got the privileged of meeting her as she had long since passed on when I entered the picture. From all that I hear she was an utterly amazing woman, and meant a lot to everyone right up until the day she died. That is why we named our daughter Nyla, it would be such gift for her to have grown up into half the woman Grandma Nyla was.

As I do know my husband’s grandmother Gloria well, I hope that our BTB is as caring and kind as she still is, well into her eighties. I wish that he or she will grow to have the love for their children as my father-in-law Len does. That they will be as smart and responsible as Nick’s mom Tracy, and have the sense of humor and fairness of his step-dad Bill.

I want our child to have the sensitivity and generosity of Nick’s younger brother Jake, and the confident and enthusiastic personality of his other brother Drew. I pray that he or she has the sincere love for animals just as much as my sister-in-law Jess. I don’t know much about Jess’s sister Casey, but as I get to know her I am sure she will have a trait I hope my BTB has! I dream that our baby has the bubbliness and creativity of the hub’s little sister Katie, and the knack for saving money like his youngest brother Jon.

As for my side of the family, my input is limited as I am estranged from my parents; all my grandparents have passed, and my brother is kinda off in his own world. But I’ll give it a try! I wish for our babe to have the hard-work ethic of my dad, and the cooking skills of my mother. I hope that he/she inherits the ambition and self-dicipline of my brother John.

So now–what do I hope they inherit from Nick and I?? My longing is that our BTB gets Nick’s loyalty, honesty, compassion, forgiveness and authenticity. I hope that he/she gets my desire to help people, courage to stand up for what is right, and my perseverance to succeed in life.

I want my child to be their own person, but these are some of the important traits I wish that they will have ❤

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