Flying and Pregnancy

So my hubby’s brother is getting married–in Hawaii. The wedding is in January, and hopefully by that time I will be pregnant–about 5 months if I get pregnant this cycle.

A lot of women are concerned with flying when pregnant. Of course every individual woman should ask their OB, which I fully intend to do when I am pregnant. But the general guidelines are pretty sensible.

Generally speaking if you have a healthy pregnancy, your OB and the airline will have no qualms about you flying before 36 weeks. Some airlines might require a letter from your OB, or the purchase of travel insurance.

While flying, avoid gassy foods or carbonated drinks as once you are in the air it can cause discomfort. But do remain hydrated (even tho it will make you pee more!) Make sure that you are stretching your legs, flexing your feet and ankles, and if possible to walk up and down the isle. It also might be wise to invest in a pair of compression stockings to help avoid blood clots. However, that is the only piece of tight clothing you should wear. Keep everything else loose and comfortable.

Of course, make sure you are aware of the nearest medical facilities at your lay-overs and at your destination. Better safe than sorry ladies!

While I am not looking forward to flying while pregnant (especially since I don’t do well on planes in the first place!), it will be pretty awesome to take my baby to Hawaii. I can’t wait to take bump pics next to a coconut tree and wear a bikini without feeling fat–because hey! I’m pregnant so I’m large and in charge! ❤


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