Taking forever to get ready.

Hey friends.


I’m honestly sitting here right now not 100% sure I want to write this post. Because if I write it then people know, and if people know then it really is real.

Ever have that moment when you want to say something SO BAD, but it’s stuck? Like it is RIGHT THERE but you just can’t get it out?

I keep second guessing this decision. It’s not the right time, or I need to do this, that, and the other thing before I’m ready. I just moved–maybe my emotions are all jumbled and I shouldn’t be making any decisions right now. Am I just doing this because all my friends are? All my other plans have fallen through, is this just the next idea I have so I can try to be in control of my life?

Honestly guys, I don’t know if any of those reason are valid or not. But I do know that I was building up this nice thick wall of excuses to hid behind–and I just demolished it with 3 words.


We’re trying again.

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